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Our Outside Lands Partnership

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Did you know that Sunset Youth Services is one of the nonprofits supported by Outside Lands Works––the charitable fund associated with Outside Lands festival that invests in the cultural vitality of the Bay Area through grants to regional music and arts education programs?

This year we were invited to promote our work at Eco Lands, the nonprofit space set up by Outside Lands during its festival to showcase difference-making orgs like ours that contribute to the community. Check out Eco Lands here.

As the festival was being set up, SYS staff and members of our youth community met with founder Bryan Duquette as well as the Outside Lands booking agent, who took them on a walking tour. They were shown the festival grounds––including back stage and main stage areas, sound system, camera setup, and rehearsal spaces––and learned about the festival's marketing and promotion efforts, particularly how Outside Lands engages followers on social media platforms. "It was such an inspirational experience for our youth artists," said Joel Tarman, Director of Digital Arts and Technology. "Our group got to ask questions, share their hopes and dreams, and get a taste of what it might be like to work in the music industry. We're so thankful for this partnership!"

During the weekend, youth helped staff our festival booth in Eco Lands, telling visitors about Sunset Youth Services and their own creative work––and enjoyed attending musical performances. Big shout out to Outside Lands and Outside Lands Works for investing in our youth community and offering this amazing opportunity!


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