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Programs as Pathways to Connection and Healing

The mission of Sunset Youth Services is to foster long-term stability and growth for systems-impacted youth, young adults, and families through caring relationships and supportive services. This goal is based on the simple belief that youth are inherently worthy of dignity and respect and have the potential to positively contribute to their communities when their real needs are met.

Our healing-centered approach to youth development helps us to recognize that our young people are active agents in the creation of their own well-being and, given the opportunity and resources, have the power to address the roots of their own trauma.


What does this look like practically? In one-on-one therapy, creative projects, and healing arts groups, young people build on their experiences, knowledge, skills and curiosity to reinforce that they are more than the worst thing that has ever  happened to them. They address harmful systems and structures and speak truth to power in song, art, and other liberating forms of expression. This happens in the context of a culturally-affirming and uplifting community that is invested in seeing them thrive.


Learn more about how our innovative Attachment Community offers security and dignity to young people through relationships with stable, caring adults.


Our dynamic youth programs offer tangible pathways and opportunities for self-discovery and growth––essential for developing independence and hope.


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