Programs as Pathways to Connection and Healing

The mission of Sunset Youth Services is to foster long-term stability and growth in in-risk* youth, young adults, and families through caring relationships and supportive services. This goal is based on the simple belief that youth are inherently worthy of dignity and respect and have the potential to positively contribute to their communities when their real needs are met.

Our trauma-informed approach to youth development helps us to recognize and effectively respond to the many Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that mark our young people's lives.  


Learn more about our innovative Attachment Community and how we're helping young people build resilience through relationships with stable, caring adults.


Our dynamic youth programs offer practical pathways to the life skills and healthy relationships young people need to thrive at home, school, and work.

*In-Risk - Those already involved in the juvenile justice system, engaged in multiple systems of care, and exhibiting compound risk factors.