What is a Love Parade?

It begins with essential services and it ends with love.

Each week:


• We drop off 2,200 meals and 80 food boxes to hungry youth and families in need.

• We make daily phone calls, connect via Zoom, encourage frustrated parents,

and provide support groups and mindfulness practices to stressed out teens.


• We work with our youth employees to create online challenges that harness the creativity of our community artists, songwriters, and musicians.

• We help kids on probation keep their eyes on the prize, while also working directly with our local youth detention centers, DAs, and public defenders to get kids with low-level offenses released from jail and put onto our caseloads.


And as often as we're able, we throw in a little gratuitous joy.

Imagine getting an early morning text saying, "Hey, the Love Parade is coming to visit. Will you be around in a half hour?" and then looking out your window to see a convoy of 11 cars led by our new mobile recording studio sprinter van. Now picture lots of hand-colored posters taped on the cars and bobbing in the windows as staff, staff children, and pets drive by. Throw in some honking, waving, kiss-throwing, and shout outs––"We love you! You are not alone! We're in this together!"––and you've been visited by the LOVE Parade. 

When pandemic strikes, we bring relationships on the road––

because love matters.