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A member of the Sunset Family Resource Center, our Family Support Services help hundreds of families each year, including parents of young people served by the nonprofit as well as teen parents.​ Our Family Support Services promote the five protective factors that lay the groundwork for a healthy family life. 


Trained and certified through the San Francisco Family Support Network, our healing-centered Family Success Coaches (one of whom speaks Mandarin) meet weekly with families in crisis and help them identify needs, brainstorm options, establish parenting goals, and practice positive parent-child interactions. Our services include referrals, advocacy for children in the public school system and juvenile-justice system, research-based parent education workshops, parenting classes, family-bonding outings, and a weekly food pantry. 

Positive Parenting Classes

SYS also offers Triple P Positive Parenting classes to help parents build relationships with their children and encourage positive behavior. Ranked the #1 parenting program in the world by the United Nations, this evidence-based program is used in 20+ countries, coordinated by our Family Success Coaches, and taught by Executive Director Dawn Stueckle twice per year.

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What Parents Are Saying 

"My son got a great report card. There was nothing but good words and praise in this meeting. His teacher was like,'Oh, Erin, all your effort and support has really shown this quarter.' Triple P saved my life."   - Erin

"Your Triple P class was thoughtful, educational, eye opening and nurturing, just like the parents we hope to become one day. My kids are still talking about parenting class and how much THEY enjoyed it. The teen panel was a great idea as well, so informative and realistic. Hoping I can implement all that I've learned."  - Anna

"Since I took the class, my kids and I have been spending time bonding more than ever. Our relationships and love are now truly unconditional!" - Jaime

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