Making Music with Kronos Quartet

Updated: Aug 9

SYS Youth Artists with Kronos Quartet's David Harrington, far right

Since 2018, SYS youth artists have been working on a collaborative project with David Harrington and the award-winning Kronos Quartet––a world renowned musical organization that has released more than 60 recordings, commissioned over 1,000 works for string quartet, and sold over 1.5 million albums.

In this extraordinary “Kronos Music: Remix” collaboration, our young music producers, engineers, and hip hop artists met with members of the quartet and then cut, combined, and deconstructed sample Kronos recordings into new forms. This year’s Kronos Festival 2021 featured some of these collaborative recordings as well as performances by SYS freestyle dancer Tadi Todi and SYS poet Kayla Pellom. Here is one such collaborative recording––with the music of Russian composer Yevgeniy Sharla remixed by Cameron “Beamonem” Collier and overlaid with Kayla Pellom’s spoken-word piece “Pink Book.” Enjoy!