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Youth Voices Sound Quilt

San Francisco's Sheltering in Place order was issued on March 16, 2020. Since then our youth have been attending school online and limiting contact with friends.


In this new and isolating world, they share what this time is like for them. 

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“I’ve gotten to spend a lot more quality time with my grandparents and family."
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"I do miss my friends a lot."
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"I was sad we can't have the ... end of senior year ... like prom and stuff."
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“It's tough living with my family. We're all packed in the same house 24/7."
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“The lockdowns ...have been quite difficult for us... especially on unemployment."
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“Once I stopped going to school my mental health got ten times better."

Our role remains one of constancy and hope: to support and encourage these young people as they weather the stress and loneliness of the pandemic, access inner resilience, and discover their place in the world.


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