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Our Evolving Wellness Hub

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

August 2022 - We’ve been given exclusive use of a multi-use building and courtyard in the Sunset District––realizing the long-held dream of a Wellness Center (made possible through the generosity of the Norcal District Church of the Nazarene. Thanks, Nazarene friends)! We painted, replaced windows, added outdoor string lights and speakers, and were given donated patio furniture.

The site includes a working kitchen, separate rooms for one-on-one meetings and creative workshops, and a large gathering space for bigger group meetups. Especially exciting are new tools that include a heat press, screen printing press, and embroidery machine.

Already the space has been used for all-day staff development meetings, yoga sessions, t-shirt screen printing, cap embroidering, cooking workshops, staff training, private counseling sessions with our staff therapist, and other creative workshops and gatherings for young people.

For young people who may not have access to quiet creative space at home or school, our wellness center offers a sanctuary––a safe and tranquil place to learn, create, and access supportive community.


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