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A New Partnership Offers Improved Support to Incarcerated Youth

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

For the past 3 years the Juvenile Justice Providers Association, of which SYS is a lead agency, has been working to reform the system of care for young people released from juvenile hall on home supervision. As a direct outcome of that effort a new Care Team Pilot with the Juvenile Probation Department (JPD) has been launched.

Just weeks old, this new collaboration between trusted community-based organizations (CBOs), the JPD, and the young person and their family promises to offer a more holistic response and support system for youth re-entering their communities after incarceration. The Care Team is a small group of people, is free, and helps create a care plan, which takes into account the schedules, court orders, barriers, and goals of the young person and their family.

CBOs will work closely with the JPD from the very beginning to consider the unique circumstances of the young person, particular needs they may have, and what services and key relationships will be most beneficial. The Care Team Model represents a major shift, prioritizing the health and wellness of young people in the system and promoting better outcomes.


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