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Meet Pedro - Our New Creative Arts Specialist

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Meet our new Creative Arts Specialist, Pedro Reyes, who works with young people in our Digital Arts & Technology program. Pedro's radio career spans 20+ years. He co-produced bilingual radio programs with KPFA, has worked with Berkeley’s award-winning YouthRadio, and has taught digital storytelling to at-risk youth in Bay Area housing projects through Streetside Stories.

Pedro has lived in the Bay Area since 1984, when he was forced to flee the civil war in El Salvador and find refuge with his family in California.

Expanding Multicultural Programming

For the past decade Pedro has worked with bilingual youth, teaching digital storytelling, journalism, and technology through schools, community centers, after-school programs, and public-housing sites. His radio career has included volunteer work as producer, journalist, and host––expanding multicultural programming, promoting youth voices, and providing young people with digital arts training that empowers them to share their stories with the broader San Francisco community.

Mentoring SYS Youth

Pedro works with our young people to edit and curate music videos, artist interviews, and other creative projects. He has been instrumental in launching our new Upstar TV channel, and promoting the work of our youth musicians through social media platforms, local radio stations, and other channels. He's been collaborating with staff and youth on an exciting new Live Monthly Artists Showcase.

To learn more about our Monthly Artists Showcase, read more here (under Upstar Records).

To learn more about our Digital Arts Program, read more here.


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