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Meet Brandon, Justice Services Case Manager

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Meet Brandon Carter-Hicks, who is helping justice-involved youth remove barriers, meet probation requirements, and make progress towards personal, academic, and employment goals.

Working with Young People

Working as staff for several years in youth residential treatment at Edgewood Center for Children and Families, Brandon experienced firsthand the trauma that young people face as they carry the weight of poverty, incarceration, re-entry, and lack of mental health resources. He wanted more for his youth and became interested in case management and the prospect of building deeper, lasting connections.

Expanding Services and Bridging Gaps

As a case manager at Sunset Youth Services, Brandon supports young people who are on probation, helping them to meet the conditions of their release while also working with the Justice Services team to promote restorative practices within the judicial system. “I’m also working with Healing Arts Program staff to expand services for currently incarcerated young people. The vision is to combine collaborative and expressive art with open conversation," to help these young people process their experiences.

He has also been recording music since the age of 16, rapping, writing lyrics, and making beats of his own. During the pandemic, staff repurposed Youth Center music studio equipment, distributing it among staff members to be used in virtual programming with youth. At home, Brandon has been learning the ins and outs of music-and-recording software to further programming and expand our connection and supports."I have a kid in the justice system and he wants to do music? Well, that’s an easy transition because I also do music.”Music becomes another avenue to connect, provide support, and build young people up.

Want to learn more about our Justice Services program? Read more here.


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