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Meet New Board Member Domenique Charles

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Could you tell us about your current work and experience in the nonprofit sector?

I work in the community and have been employed at Five Keys as a Community Sites Coordinator and Digital Literacy Facilitator, where I have worked for seven years. (In 2003 Five Keys was the first accredited charter high school in the nation to provide diploma programs for adults in county jails and since then has expanded to include high school education, life skills, and workforce programs.) I have also been involved as a volunteer or intern at Glide, St. Anthony’s, and SF Juvenile/Adult Probation Departments.

Why choose to serve in this way?

This community work has been so good and so rewarding. It has always been a personal goal to be on a Board. It’s also genetic. I come from a space of community. I’ve seen my family do the work. It would not be ok for me to not give back where I could.

What did you think when you first met our board of directors?

The first Board meeting I was like, oh wow! If you’re going to be on a board, let it be this one. I think I found my people. I felt welcomed.

Why do you believe in our work?

We need people to be about action. SYS is about showing up day to day, year to year. They are about action. They show up. If you’re going to be attached to something, let it be something like that.

Anything else we should know?

I enjoy traveling, theatre, history, culture, and most arts. I have a deep appreciation for culinary arts, technology, the youth and seniors of our communities. I also moonlight as a bartender!


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