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Making Music and Beats - DeShawn's Story

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

What do you enjoy most about being in the Youth Center?

I come here 4 times a week after school. I enjoy making music and beats, and chilling with my friends. Staying off the streets is a big motivation. I also like to write song lyrics with people here [at SYS].

What do you hope kids can gain from your new job with Upstar?

I want them to know that this is the place to be. You can have fun and just chill. There’s barely any drama.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not hanging out at the Youth Center?

I love writing song lyrics by myself and with friends. I play basketball and football, and hang with friends.

Why did you want to get involved with music production?

This was a free opportunity; I didn’t have to pay to make music. I saw that I could utilize all the resources here.

Do you have any previous experience with music or music production?

I was at Project Level in Fillmore. It was just like SYS— they kept kids off the streets, but you couldn’t work there. There was no employment opportunity, and there was barely any chance to get studio time— the studio was always booked.

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