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Thank You

Dear Friends and Partners of Sunset Youth Services,

We couldn't let this holiday pass by without sharing why we're thankful for you.


To Our Young People: We have crazy respect for you all. Every day you show up, ready to learn, courageously hurdling obstacles on your path, making beautiful music, helping peers, working with a will, and doing us proud. We love you. We believe in you. We know you’re headed places and we can’t wait to see what you do with your precious lives!


To Our Families: You guys are the bomb: juggling work, school, parenting, and living in this demanding city. You show us the meaning of true perseverance and strength.

To Our Board: You carry the banner and wave the flag– prioritizing special events and youth performances, spreading the word about our work, giving generously, and finding ways to make our staff feel loved and appreciated. When tragedy strikes you pray, and when a youth succeeds you cheer. Thank you for choosing us!


To Our Systems Partners: We are honored to work side by side with you, lifting up the young people of this great city, working to end systemic inequity and creating a world where our young people can get the support they need to thrive.


To Our Generous Giving Community: We are ever in your debt. You keep the lights on, support our tireless staff in doing good work that matters, fund programs that provide basic needs, important life skills, and life-changing opportunities that set our kids up for success. Your partnership is so encouraging and means the world to us.


So happy you’re in our corner!



Dawn, Ron, and Delvin

Sunset Youth Services Founders

*Check out our "Circle of Gratitude" at Great NonprofitsSee what people are saying about us and share your experience!


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