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Leading Justice-Systems Change

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Recently, Executive Director Dawn Stueckle was elected with Dinky Manek Enty, Deputy Director of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, to co-chair the Juvenile Justice Providers Association (JJPA)––a consortium of community based organizations in San Francisco that SYS helped establish in 2004. The JJPA plays an important role in local policy-making, youth advocacy, and has a strong voice in how funds are used to meet the needs of vulnerable youth.

Dawn will be presenting on behalf of JJPA at two upcoming public Board of Supervisors hearings on decisions being made that impact young people and the agencies that serve them.

On November 28th, at 4pm, the Board of Supervisors, lead by Supervisors Ronen and Mandelman, will be discussing policy on police and school interactions, following an incident in which a youth brought a firearm to school. The hearing will address the treatment of youth when they come into contact with the SPFD and obtain public testimony to explore ideas for legislative action. Youth and families can offer suggestions on how to improve accountability and offer suggestions on potential legislative recommendations to address the issue.

On December 10, at 4pm, a hearing lead by Supervisor Fewer will be held to discuss a task force that will evaluate the use of Log Cabin Ranch (a correctional facility for boys for whom Sunset Youth Services provided digital arts programming) and related Juvenile Probation Department policies.

Sunset Youth Services will be joined by the SF Youth Commission, a body made up of 17 youth, ages 12-23, who weigh in on issues impacting peers.


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