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Urgent First Steps

The JJPA Blueprint

In 2020 the Juvenile Justice Providers Association (a network of 20+ community-based agencies in SF), met monthly and then weekly, through quarantine, to research and write a blueprint for justice reform. As lead agency, we spearheaded the effort and spent hundreds of hours in committees and subcommittees, gathering input from stakeholders and community members and refining ideas.


The blueprint helps define what community-based care might look like in homelike environments with therapy, education, and other resources in partnerships with teachers, families and others invested in the life of the young person. Recommendations included how to finance these changes by reallocating specific city funds.


In it we argue for swift action by city supervisors, urging them to:

• Reduce the footprint of juvenile probation in the life of SF youth

• Immediately implement policies to reduce the number of youth in detention

• Commit to closing juvenile hall in order to reduce harm to youth

• Change the system to prioritize the health and wellbeing of young people

Click on the JJPA Blueprint below to learn about the demographics of incarcerated youth, the diversion process being recommended, and the community care that we believe will be necessary to help improve the outcomes of these young people. 

JJPA screenshot.png
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