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Happy New Year in Pandemic

We are living through a pandemic, really dark times, in a world that doesn't feel safe. Our lives have been disrupted, interrupted, and threatened. But they haven't stopped. And so, without the big events and traditions, we must turn to the little things. And ask ourselves why they matter.

How We Made This Video

Our team of youth and staff spent several weeks in December 2020, writing down a single moment of our day-- a moment when everything comes together exactly as it should or a moment where everything falls apart. Perfectly perfect or perfectly terrible. Later, we dissected the moments, extracted the meaning, and rewrote the lines, trying to make sense of our collective experiences.


Each of us spent time (off Zoom!) practicing our camera work, capturing glimpses of the city surrounding us, building a cinematic B roll library. Those visuals help illustrate the collaborative poem, "Hella Hellacious 2020." Produced for the Upstar Records Winter 2020 Showcase.

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